Active membership is required for new registration of Finns.  Members will receive an annual subscription to the association newsletter, Short Tales, and other pertinent mailings throughout the year.  Members are also welcome to join the FBA Discussion group on Facebook.

Registration Information & Forms

Registration Forms

To register sheep, use the appropriate forms below and mail to the registry office with payment.  A completed work order form should always accompany registrations and transfers.

Forms may also be obtained form the Associated Registry
PH: 785-456-8500   Fax: 785-456-8599

Finnsheep Breeders Association
PO Box 231, 420A Lincoln
Wamego, KS 66547

Online Registration Form

FBA members can submit sheep registration applications online using our online registration forms. Sheep being registered using the online forms can optionally be transferred to new owners. To use the online registration forms you must create an account for the Members Area of the website and then log in. Go to the Members Home page and use the Login tab (if you have already created your account) or click the Create New Members Area Account link (if you have not yet created your account.) After logging in to the Members Area, click the Shopping Cart tab or the link to use the Online Membership Renewal & Registration Forms. After completing the forms you can use the Checkout button below your Shopping Cart to pay the fees using PayPal. When you complete the payment process your applications will automatically be submitted to the FBA registrar for processing.


Finnsheep can ONLY be registered by the breeder.  Buyers cannot register purchased sheep.  Breeders must register sheep before they can be transferred to a buyer.  Exceptions are made for person acquiring the flock of an ill or deceased shepherd who was unable to properly fulfill these requirements.  Contact the secretary if this is your situation.

For more information on purchasing Finnsheep, read our page on How to Purchase Sheep.

Please note: The “Breeding Up” Program, established with the origin of the association, was terminated on January 1, 1991 (for any animal born after 1/1/91). This program permitted the registration of 15/16 as purebred Finnsheep. “Breeding up” is a common practice when introducing a new breed into a country. It allows the breed to become established without becoming too inbred. By 1991, it was felt that the gene pool of purebred Finnsheep in the U.S. was large enough for inbreeding to be avoided and this program was discontinued.

The FBA continues to allow the registration of crossbred Finnsheep as Class II. Some of the new sheep breeds (such as Polypay) contain Finnsheep as one of their component breeds. This allows those interested in these new breeds to document the Finn heritage of their sheep.